Monday, April 28, 2014

What Do I Love???

What do I love more than money?

When I pondered upon this question one answer came to me: spending time with loved ones. I have such a passion and such a desire to surround myself with people I love and it doesn't (or shouldn't) cost anything.

Whether it's watching tv with the boys, or visiting with close friends, or vegging on the beach with girlfriends I'm quite happy to do it.

This was an important exercise for me because I have felt all consumed with the power of the almighty dollar. It has the power to render one homeless, or hungry, or lacking in education. It can aid in murder or salvation, thievery or generosity, love or heartbreak. It literally rules the world and we just stand by and watch with thunderous applause.

In order to keep from being swept up in that vicious tide these provoking questions are necessary to bring perspective back to ourselves and our goals. Since my goal is to live my life as a Christ follower and share His love and light with others, wouldn't it behoove me to put my money where my mouth is and make that change in myself?

So I may not be rolling in riches or affording the grandest of palaces I will remember my place in this world and where my richest will be cashed in.

Here’s a hint: they won't be cashed in here. Or anywhere else on earth.

So tomorrow when I wake I hope to take this lesson with me when I leave. I hope I remember the security and confidence I had when I fell asleep knowing there's no telling what tomorrow may bring.

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