Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen and it is Good! But Why?

Today is Easter!!! The celebration of Jesus rising from death and showing himself alive after being dead for three days!! Who doesn't get excited about that?? 

Before I tell you about my love for him and why I'm so excited today, let me give you back story. 

One of my biggest pet peeves of man is the lack of honour. It seems people have lost the concept of honour throughout time and we are getting worse every generation. Scripture tells us to allow your yes's be yes and your no's be no. In other words stick to what you say and do everything possible to keep your word. 

I'll be the first to admit I am HORRIBLE about this. I have the best intentions but as we all know the road to hell so paved with the best of intentions. I am human, I make mistakes and I struggle daily to not make the same mistakes. 

I live a pretty guarded life. I am selective about who I spend time with, I trust few people with my thoughts, and I tend to keep so much more to myself than probably necessary. People as a whole aren't bad; there's just bad choices and we are all guilty of that. I know that and am trying to open up more and more. It's a process but I'm trying. :)

I became as guarded as I am because I feel like people have been dishonourable to me. They haven't kept their word in matters that are important. "I'll love you forever." "Until death do us part." "I promise I'll never tell anyone."  "I'll love your children like my own." "We'll be friends forever." "You can trust me." Etc. etc. etc. You get the point. I decided as long as I didn't put my trust in someone else, I wouldn't get hurt. Or so I told myself. 

It was a very lonely existence and I learned it was just an existence. I wasn't alive. 

Then I remembered I was a child of God and had the love of Jesus in me. Jesus, the walking perfection who came from His throne in Heaven to live with mortal man and show them the way to His Father. 

He was perfect andHe still died on the cross like a common criminal. But His most glorious feat had yet to be accomplished. Three days later He came back from the dead and arose into the clouds to take His place by the father again. 

Do you know why this is so special to me? He kept His word. He told the disciples He would return and He did. In fact everything He said and everything He promised He stuck to or will. He's a man of His word and for that I will follow Him for the rest of my life. 

As for the rest of mankind? No one is perfect and if I make mistakes I have to accept mistakes in others. I'll put my trust in someone else eventually. It'll happen. ;) 

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