Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Days...everyone is learning; even Mommy

School has started and something amazing has happened. Quinton refuses to miss anything for fear of having daaays worth of homework. He is taking sophomore geometry, Spanish I, and other accelerated classes. He loves school and wants nothing more than to succeed. He can do it too. He has the drive, which his mother never had. :P

Jordan had a rough first couple of days but his teacher was more than pleased to say that talking to him was like talking to another adult. For those of you who know my boys you know that they don't act like normal children. They don't talk like normal children. I never let them do that. I still don't. Don't get me wrong, they're still boys and they still act like boys but they are so much more than that.

Quinton looks so far into the future that he knows what he wants to go to school for, he knows what he has to do to achieve that, and he is always looking for more and more ways to succeed.

Jordan is a very practical thinker. He looks so far outside the box that it baffles even adults. We have deep questioning discussions about life, scripture, people, history, and the difference between fantasy and reality.

This is why I never worried too much about what fiction characters the boys were and are into. I know they have a deep connection to reality, again, unlike their mother, and they are sometimes the ones to pull me out of the clouds. Nothing more humbling than a 9 year old saying, "Mum...you know that's not real, right?" :P

And for me...well, my 30's are being good to me...so far. I am still in deep denial about having turned 31 (I'm only claiming 27) but someone said with age comes wisdom. Who am I to deny myself this wisdom?

I still feel like we are wondering through life like the Hebrews wondered through the desert, but I'm doing my best to keep my eye on the goal and not so much the journey. Matthew 7 says small is the gate and narrow the path to those who follow it. Unfortunately we have a tendency to broaden our path and put more road blocks in it than it needs. How silly of us! Why would we do this? Why must we insist on doing things the hard way?

I always tell my parents that I want to make my own mistakes and my own decisions but I'm learning...why? What am I proving that I can royally screw my life up by doing it my own way?

Yeshua never promised us an easy journey but He did give us a way to walk that journey with Him.

The boys and I are looking into the Messianic culture and I hope to learn a lot about Elohim and His history, His people, and His feasts.

Come on folks...I was raised Baptist; what better group of people to learn about feasts? :P