Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Girl Worth Fighting For!!!

A Girl Worth Fighting For!!!

We all know the song. They're marching off to battle and dreaming of a girl to appreciate their heroics; a girl worth fighting for. These men was to feel respected and special and brave, even in times of war.

But I have to wonder, are they asking for too little when seeking the girl worth fighting for? A pretty girl, an adoring girl, a girl who can cook.

And during that wondering I have to ponder if I'm a girl worth fighting for. I mean, I'm 35 years old and so far no ones fighting for me. :P Cory and Chris dueling to dance with me at the 50's dance at the youth center in 3rd grade don't count. ;)

So I'm thinking about myself, praying, listening to wisdom of those around me and realise yes, I am definitely worth fighting for.

First off, I'm a daughter of the King. This means I made the decision to pick up my cross and follow Jesus. I have decided that He is the master of my life and have accepted Him to live within me. I may not have always showed Him in my life or choices I've made but He's definitely present in my life.

Secondly because of this, He has taken care of the hard parts for me. You see, many think Christianity is a burden. So many rules, so many seemingly contradictions....they miss out on the best part: freedom.

Because of my freedom in Him I am free to love however little or much I chose without reservation. I have experienced the greatest love of all and can now love without expecting anything in return. Yes when I'm with someone I want him to love me, obviously, but that's not what I'm saying. I can enter into a relationship with my eyes and heart wide open and freely give all I can because I have already been loved so much. HIS love is what is perfect, not a mans.

Recently through an amazing person I have learned how truly special I am. I have learned to appreciate my intelligence like never before. I can see the beauty I have amidst all the flaws I feel I have to point out lest someone else beat me to it. I can hear my laughter and know that while some don't appreciate it, it makes me happy to know I still have joy and can express it with vigor. I can be ME and love every moment of it. Why did it take so long for me to see this? To see me? Because the world told me differently. Well, my Father proved to me the world is wrong. And it took someone else to show me the beauty of me.

So in this I have learned that yes, I am totally a girl worth fighting for. I'm just looking for a man worthy of that fight. How exciting this next journey of my life will be!!

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